Time Challenge

Welcome to another day where the ordinary outweighs the extraordinary, but I am quite ok with that for the time being.

Today’s challenge, like many other days, concerns time – How am I going to use my free time?

Generally, this is who my day goes:

  • Wake up at 6am
  • Stretch while waiting for water to boil for peppermint tea
  • From 6:10 to 7:15am enjoy breakfast and tea, get ready for work
  • If the line isn’t too long, make the morning extraordinarily awesome and get a coffee at my favorite coffee bar
  • Work from 8am to 5 pm
  • Drive home and after 5pm: the challenge: what to do with my time…

As of late, it has occurred to me that there just simply isn’t enough time for all that I want to do. I want to embrace Tim Gunn’s always inspiring “Make it work!” mantra, but I also want to try and get 8 hours of sleep (like the doctors say you should).

Here are the main things I want to do when I get home:

  • Write
  • Draw/sketch/paint
  • Read
  • Workout (a must with summer fast approaching…see my last post for more details)
  • Spend time with the boyfriend
  • Watch whatever fantastic show we’re into (Peaky Blinders = Complete Awesomeness)

Like all of my other ordinary, wonderful people out there, there is never enough time to get everything done. How am I ever going to become an artist/writer if I’m too tired after a whole day at work annnnnd working out??? Gah! Priorities!

Unlike many of my friends, I do not have kids or pets (unless you count our mechanical fish Harold and Harvey). There are no goats to feed, no pasture to clean, no yard work either because we live in an apartment…so why can’t I make this all fit?! I must pick and choose and sometimes that seems like the hardest part. Kind of like picking out the next book that you’re going to read…you feel that you might hurt the other books’ feelings by picking this other book and you really don’t have a preference on which you read first but the whole time you just want to read them ALLLLLLL. Tough stuff I tell ya…

Anyways, math-wise, if I want to get at least 7.5ish hours of sleep, I have about three and a half to four hours of free time, not including time to shower off the day’s stress and sweat down the drain annnnd do a quick kitchen clean up after dinner.

Please understand that I know how lucky this is. I used to have a horrible work schedule and maybe two hours at home before I would have to go sleep. I understand that I don’t have kids or other large responsibilities so this may seem like a plethora of time to most. But like I said earlier, I want to do all these activities and truly the hardest part is deciding what to spend that time on.

Tonight was a great start to the week! I got home quicker than usual thanks to a few extra green lights on the road and I had a decent upper body workout. During this workout, I was thinking about this post. How can I make the “What should I do tonight?” question easier?

So here it goes – For the next week I am going to do my best to be conscious of what inspired me or caught my attention that day. Did I leave my book in the middle of a great chapter? Did I think of a great topic to blog about? Or maybe I just feel like getting a solid workout in and chilling on the couch with the boyfriend?

I know that I can’t fit everything in but perhaps this is a start to making it happen through the week.


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