About that Novel I started in 10th Grade…

Going back a little to my previous post, Losing My Resolution, I decided to get down to business this weekend when I visited home. The reasons behind my cleaning may or may not have been due to a little accident (ok, HUGE accident) my poor ancient cat had under the bed, but the fact is that I started to clean my little but over-stuffed room at home.

Treasures galore were under the bed! I knew about a few things that were there but a couple of surprises were there too! Finally found my sparkly headbands from back when I used to play ball, found the book of ads that my freshmen roommates and I had taped up to the walls of our dorm, and the biggest find of them all (besides the box full of my hard work in AP Physics)…the novel I started in high school!!!!!!!!

It’s almost like finding a diary and reliving memories. I remember writing most of it on my bed in that same room. Reading through it, all those exciting tingles of putting pen to paper and suddenly magic happens and you can see the scene set by the words. Gah! It’s amazing the power that can be captured by those few written words. I remember writing until I fell asleep one night, it seems like it was almost out of a movie. The excitement pulsing through my fingers right now is just getting me all riled up! (And it’s almost bedtime…whoops.)

I made it six verrrrry short chapters back then and the story was just getting started. I know that when I got to that part, I really didn’t know where I wanted the story to go. I didn’t know my characters through and through. There were all these big, broad ideas that I had, and now, after years of reading all sorts of genres and books, along with watching an eclectic assortment of films, maybe I was meant to pick that story up now. Perhaps now I can make that decision for blue eyes or brown eyes. I would also like to think that I have a more developed writing level and a better vocabulary than I did in 10th grade but we can’t win them all, right?


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